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  • Planetary rotary tube cutting machine advantages: 
    1, very good cutting quality, cutting the entire process for the cold-cutting, not Burr, a very vertical incision. Cutting process can be no cooling fluid, pipe welding parts to be no pollution to ensure the welding quality. 
    2, a very high speed cutting, cutting speed: This processing methods can be completed within 30 seconds in a 88. 9 MM stainless steel (304) tubes on the cutting, and if we compare the band saw, band saw cutting the same tubes 5 Times the time and can not compare the quality of cutting power. This machine is considered the best of both cut and handle the pipe end processing tools.
  • Planetary rotary tube cutting machine advantages:
    1, very good cutting quality, cutting the entire process for the cold-cutting, not Burr, a very vertical incision. Cutting process can be no cooling fluid, pipe welding parts to be no pollution to ensure the welding quality.
    2, a very high speed cutting, cutting speed: This processing methods can be completed within 30 seconds in a 88. 9 MM stainless steel (304) tubes on the cutting, and if we compare the band saw, band saw cutting the same tubes 5 Times the time and can not compare the quality of cutting power. This machine is considered the best of both cut and handle the pipe end processing tools.
    3, portable compact as a whole. MAX120 inverted as the cutting of the whole machine weighs only 50 kg.
    Widely used: to be welded pipe welding preparation, and other chemicals, LNG, refined oil ships, electronics, food processing, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries such as pipe assembly.

    Construction of stainless steel pipes installed weapon
              ------- Planet stainless steel tube-cutting machine
       Rotary planet is to cut off the blade rotation around the pipe to cut the public. The tubes were stepped up to ensure that the vertical blades and self-centering on the cards. Cutting ago, advanced into the knife handle and then fixed into the knife position, and then rotating hand wheel, the blade to the public one week later, automatically cutting down the tubes. As gripping and cutting and very vertical, cutting the force is not large, so the tubes can be and cutting the vertical plane
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